Photo Mystery Box

Are you looking for a little mystery? Maybe a mystery that you can hang on your walls and liven up a room or office? If so, I may have just what you are looking for.

I’ve launched what will be the first of my mystery photo products.

Each order contains on photo tile. The photo is a digital print on durable plastic that is ready to hang on any wall. The tiles measure eight inches by eight inches.

This second run is also limited run of twenty (20) photos. When this run is sold out, that’s it!

Why not support Zip It Zimmerman, a small business, and buy one today! You’ll be glad you did!

Mystery Photo Package – Steven Zimmerman

It’s A Mystery! This is a mystery photo. Each photo tile is eight inches by eight inches. They would make a great addition to any room, office, or space that you need to add color to. Each photo tile is a digital print mounted on durable plastic. Get yours today!


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